Monday, January 26, 2009

Elijah - 1 Kings 19

A poem I wrote

“God, I did all you wanted.
I passionately served you.
What was it all worth?
Cuz here I am alone.
Now you led me to this cave.
It has been nearly forty days.
It just doesn't make any sense.”
Then you said to stand on the mountain...
You said, “just wait here for me.
I'm going to pass by you,
just watch the mountains shatter.”
So I watched everything cave in,
crash down,
and burn.
And you asked me again why I'm here.
“I'm here, alone, and I don't know why;
all I was doing was following you.
Why would you leave me in this cave?”
But you don't apologize
because your will is perfect,
and everything shattered,
caved in,
crashed down,
and burned
all at your command.
“Let it be,” you said, and it was.
And it was, and it wasn't, and it will be,
or maybe it won't be.
Sometimes I don't want to be obedient
because it seems ridiculous.
If I'm being honest, it just doesn't make sense.
And I may never understand.
But one thing is for certain:
obedience is too easy
if you already know what is to come.

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