Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thin Lines

I'm finding that life is so complex because there's nature and nurture, predestination and choice, decisions to make and destiny to accept, and on top of all those factors interplaying to create reality as it is, there are the thin lines and boundaries, which we create because we can't handle things being so complex, that are actually quite blurrier than we like to let on between my thoughts and God's, my will and God's--in essence all the aforementioned factors of nature, nurture, predestination, choice. We're not comfortable with the fact that we might love someone because God wants us to love him or her, thus it is both our will and God's will, our heart and God's heart, it is a choice and a predestined predisposure to love that person, it's a decision that must be made and a destiny to accept.
It is, furthermore, taking into account that maybe the lines are meant to be blurry, that maybe things are meant to be complex, and since it is so... it's too simplistic for me to feel like I'm the only one who is hurting or has the best viewpoint because the complexity is, everyone seems to have a different reality when it comes to certain situations. And sometimes it isn't a matter of whether something is right or wrong, sometimes it's just this or that. We want to boil things down to right or wrong because we like the lines, we are comfortable with having lines... but it can't always be that simple. It's too bad sometimes because if it were just a matter of right and wrong, things would be easier to get over.

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