Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture Me

I picture your eyes
wishing they could stare into mine,
while secretly catching a glance
of my hair blowing in the wind.
I picture your smile
as you think of my laugh,
and those times we stayed up
all night talking about nothing.
I picture you--
not knowing what to do,
not knowing what's okay,
only knowing that you love me.
I see you running because it's too much,
and there's too much risk.
Cuz we have so much love...
and it's just too scary.
But then I picture me--
telling you that there's so much to lose
if we don't live out our love story
that God has given us.
And even though you have to win the trust
that you lost when you left again,
it's worth it.
You know we're worth it.
I picture me grabbing your hand,
I say, “Baby, what we have is real. Don't give up.”
And you smile and say, “I'm all in.
Please just give me one last chance.”
But all I see is the back of your head,
as you walk the other direction
trying not to picture how you'd grab my hand,
how you'd say you love me in 50 languages,
how you'd fight for my heart...
if only you thought it was okay.

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