Saturday, December 13, 2008

Between The Lines

This art of making poetry
is intimacy at its deepest.
The rhythm of words
seeming to float from my paper
to my lips, and from my lips,
suspended in midair,
stopping at your ears
to relay what's between the lines.
My heart is the art of making poetry,
each word constituting a fragment of me--
my heart, the art, the intimacy.
Coming nearer to truth, nearer to me
than any other touch, look, movement.
So what poetry means to me
is everything--
the spoken and the unspoken
words combining to form the likeness of a symphony,
a perfect kiss, a dance, a Van Gogh painting.
My heart, the art, the poetry.
They are one in the same, and that's why it matters.
Creating poetry is intimacy with the one
who can read between the lines to see my heart,
to see more than just the art.

1 comment:

Teddi said...

Did you write this? It's lovely. Writing a poem about writing a poem. Classic :-)